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Mini Stepper With Resistance Bands

Mini Stepper with resistance bands, burn calories at home!

The mini stepper with resistance bands is designed for home, office, or travel. Use while watching TV, talking on the phone, or in your hotel room at night. Never miss another workout!

The Winter months are a difficult time to try and get to the gym. The weather outside won't matter if you have a mini stepper nearby. Rain, sleet, hail, or snow will no longer block your way to fitness. 

Having a mini stepper means you have quick access to cardio and TOTAL BODY toning equipment that can firm up your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and butt. Cardiovascular activity will improve digestion and the heart as well as burn off calories for weight loss.


  • Easy to store - Because the mini stepper is small it is easy to store out of the way until you are ready to work up a great muscle-toning, calorie-burning sweat! A low-impact exercise machine that can deliver high-intensity workouts.
  • Mini stepper with bands for weight loss - A person who weighs 150 lbs can burn over 500 calories in just one hour using this mini stepper and the resistance bands. The built-in digital monitor will keep track of time and steps so you can set and meet your calorie-burning goals.
  • Total body toning - The non-skid rubber feet and easy portability of the mini stepper mean you can fit in a quick total body firming workout anytime.
  • Under the desk stepper - Take to work and keep it under the desk to pull out and use during long phone calls. No one will know you are stepping away on this quiet low-impact machine.
  • Overall fitness - All calorie-burning efforts will add up. A few minutes here and there will make a noticeable difference.