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Smart Hula Hoop Adjustable Size

Smart hula hoop performs perfectly to help you lose weight.

It Burns two to three times more calories than a regular hula hoop. As long as you spend a little time every week using the smart hula hoop for adults, you can bring great changes to your life.

It is a WON'T drop hula hoop. Just adjusts the size according to your waist size until the hula hoop can't drop, and you can spin it all the time. 


  • Auto Counting - The weight hula hoop for exercise is equipped with a built-in smart counter that calculates & stores data (which is shown on an LCD screen) of your exercises, which can easily count how many you have hooped! Helps you keep track of your fitness progress!
  • Adjustable Size - This is a non-dropping hula hoop. You can do other things while taking exercise, without worrying about the hula hoop dropping. And also, the smart hula hoop can be adjusted differently according to the waist size from 23.6 - 42.5 inches. This means the auto-spinning hula hoop can increase or decrease the section on the main body to adjust the waist size until the hula hoop fits your body.