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LED Power Ball

LED Powerball Arm Trainer

This Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer is a baseball-sized handheld device that can be used in fitness, sports, rehabilitation, or fun manner making it fun, pleasurable, and very addictive. With its gentle yet dynamic, non-impact nature and compact size it can be used anywhere and whenever you have free time!


  • Strengthens hands and grip skills - Professional athletes need to adopt various ways to exercise their strength, including arms, feet and waist strength, and so on. And today this Power-ball Gyroscope Fitness Wrist Ball is an effective tool to help you improve your arms force. Made of high-quality material, this product can strengthen grip skills, build muscle, and tonearms, and increase flexibility.
  • Cool illumination and high quality - When you spin the LED lights inside, the ball will illuminate. Power-ball Gyroscope Fitness Wrist Ball is an additive fun and powerful exercise tool that builds the strength of your upper body through a few minutes of workout every day. This tennis ball-sized wrist exercise ball is a small engineering wonder: consists of a freely revolving heavy gyroscopic rotor housed in a solid plastic shell, with built-in self-powered LED lights.
  • Strengthening hands, wrists, and forearms - This will give your hands, wrists, and forearms a workout with resistance training. It can develop and shape your grip and forearm muscles to improve baseball, tennis, golf games, and most sports. It may help prevent and relieve repetitive stress-induced injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and RSI.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry - This is a compact, simple way to isolate exercise without having to go to the gym. Lightweight, portable, and perfect for traveling. It’s a great gift for anyone with no time to work out.
  • Easy maintenance - Keep this from dusty environments. Don’t put this on the carpet or any fabrics. Dust may be brought into the internal surface of the shell by the rotor and make the inner tracks dirty. Eventually, it would make noise as the rotor spins.
  • Build finger strength - Hold the gyro ball upside down using only your fingers. Keep your fingers straight and gently make a stirring motion with your hand. This will keep the gyro ball spinning and provide resistance for your finger grip. This is a great toning exercise for your hand and finger muscles and will help increase your finger strength.