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Professional Pull Up Band

Doing Pull-ups as part of your daily workout regime is a great way to increase upper body strength

Using this device, anyone can do a pull-up! The resistance will assist you when pulling up without compromising proper form or results. The band can easily be adjusted so that you can be consistently progressing on your pull-ups.

You no longer need to settle for average pull-ups, this device lets you increase your reps so that you can get a full upper body workout anywhere!


  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND COMFORT - Made from high-grade steel and a strong threaded rope attachment that is made to never wear down and ensure comfortability and safety. No more worrying about resistance bands getting in your way or snapping on you.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Strong enough to support up to 400 pounds for the most intense workouts.
  • ADJUSTABLE - Our Pull Up King training band can be adjusted to fit any height. Adjusting the height of the band will also change the resistance of your exercise. Adjust in a matter of seconds to match your fitness level and get back into your workout!
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - Can easily be packed into any gym bag and can be set up anywhere that there’s a bar or tree limb.