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Pilates Exercise Ring

The Elite Resistance Pilates Ring

A doubled-handled ring for use during Pilates and flexibility training. Featuring an inner and outer gripping section, the elite resistance is perfect for strengthening, flexibility, and toning exercises. Equally useful during yoga, Pilates, and even standard strength or core training exercises, the Pilates Double Handle is suitable for all shapes and sizes.


  • The Gentle Way to Exercise - For an easier exercise routine that is easy on the joints use this ring that you can use with different exercise movements.
  • Flexible - It is a bendable tool that helps softly engage deep muscles.
  • Fiberglass - Made of corrosion and impact-resistant fiberglass that endures pressure. 
  • Grips - With curved grips on each side so that it does not slip between your thighs and legs.
  • Slim down with this ring! - Begin Pilates using the pilates Exercise Ring to help you perform the right set of simple and varying movements or stances so you can slim, tone, and strengthen your muscles.