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Bulgarian Power Bag

If you're looking to take your workout to the next level the Bulgarian Power Bag is just what you need!

It's perfect for beginners, boxers, martial artists, and athletes of all levels. Enjoy the raw style of Bulgarian training methods when you utilize the 8 different grips that allow for all muscle systems to engage.

This bag was designed to build your endurance, and strength, improve mobility, and increase your strength. Trains all areas of your body with epic results.


  • Total Body Workout - 8 different grips target all your muscles
  • Fighter Movements - Uses practical swinging motions to help you improve your fighting moves
  • Workout Anywhere - Compact and portable
  • Perfect Cardio - Increases metabolic rates while also improving strength and takes your cardiovascular system to a new level
  • Endurance And Strength Building - With consistent use, you'll notice you have more stamina, are faster, and stronger
  • 15KG