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Pilates Stretch Ring

The Pilates Ring is a complete accessory that can help you get quick results.

Pilates Stretch Ring can deliver effective results in terms of better posture and a body that is slim, toned, and supple.

A Pilates Ring is a circle that can be placed between the hands to work out the upper body, or between the thighs for an extra workout of the adductors.

The Pilates Ring is a resistance ring that allows you to do a variety of different exercises for the upper body, waist, and legs. Using this spring-like resistance system provides a full workout. The repetitive movements and the pressure that you exert help slim down and firm up your body, deeply and in a targeted fashion.

No need to suffer to have a thin and toned body! The Pilates Ring offers you the chance to build nicely defined muscles without difficulty. It allows you to do a variety of injury-free movements. It’s perfect for gently getting back into fitness sports.

The large variety of exercises that can be performed with a Pilates Ring help prevents monotony. Depending on how you feel and the muscles that you want to target, vary your fun by switching up your training sessions: arms, chest, waist, thighs, buttocks